Your Ultimate Guide to Adventures near Sofia - the Capital of Bulgaria

You can have your Paris, your Rome, your Venice and Prague. We all adore those places, vibrant and full of stories. But today we will walk you through a hidden pearl somewhere in the heart of the Balkans - Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of pounding the pavement in this ancient and at the same time rapidly modernizing city, and are looking for an adventure to remember – here’s the lay of the land in our green, cultural, innovative and adventurous Sofia. First things first If you're new to Sofia, then you can't skip a walk in the ancient centre of the city. Culturally rich, culinary tempting and vibrant with cozy coffee shops and modern bars - that's the

Hiking with Zeus & Co

Summer is tipically associated with turquoise sea and golden beatches. We offer you even better combination, easily described with two words - mount Olimpus, the highest mountain in Greece, home of Greek Gods and theatre of stormy devine adventures. Its highest peak Mytikas (2,918 m.), known in Greek mythology as Pantheon and a meeting place of all 12 Gods, now brings together travelers from around the world, offering them a precious crystal view of the sea cost. Mount Olimpus is about 90 km. southwest from Thessaloniki. You take the road to Litochoro from where a 17 km. road goes to Prionia. There is frequent service of KTEL buses and a taxi stand in Litochoro's central square which can tak

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